Thursday, June 28, 2012


I used to dance and I love to watch dancers perform. So when the local dance association agreed for my friend Chrys (a photographer) and myself to shoot the dancers getting ready for their carnival show, we jumped at the opportunity. We did a little twirl and were happy for the challenge. And a challenge, it was! 

It was a sunny day in March. 10am in the morning and the carnival show started at 2pm. The room was filled with dancers (80, actually) and the mix of excitement and stress grew as time went. 

The rehearsal started and Chrys and I were zigzagging among the dancers to capture interesting movements or feelings. Not an easy task. We probably took around 200 shots and ended presenting about 15 photos each to the association, Image Contact. I have 2 to present to you so far... The rest will come at a later date. 

Our experience was positive. The mood was joyful, the colours were bright and the atmosphere was electric. The dance rehearsal for the carnival allowed Image Contact to promote itself as a local association and became unsuspectedly a recruitment spot, as one of the dancers showed an interest to model for the association workshops. A bonus. 

Green dancer


I would like to thank Chrys for sharing this moment with me. And also a big thank you to all the dancers, the teachers and the organisers for this experience. It was a challenge, a way to practice and develop my skills in photography. 

Chrys' carnival photos are available here

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