Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Studio shoot and the challenge of lighting

Lighting was the main challenge of that studio evening. Another enjoyable gathering: 8 photographers, 3 models, 3 studios, lots of cables and numerous photos taken. 3 remained. 

During that evening, I had the pleasure to work again with Clem Modèle and Clara who are both creative, versatile, flexible and patient. 

This workshop made me understand that I have 2 important challenges ahead of me if I take this passion seriously. 

First of all, with 2 spotlights, you are open to numerous lighting options (countless in my eyes, so far!). In my case, it means a lot of practice is required in order to understand how to position the spotlights for the required effect. I was very grateful for the brief tutorial and assistance offered by the Lyon photographer Damien Poudret at the beginning of the session. 

Secondly, when working with digital, the feeling of having a good photo during the shoot can quickly be destroyed once they appear on the computer screen...I had great difficulty developing these 3 photos. This is my best shot so far and when I think of that experience, my mind keeps telling me "plenty of room for improvement"...

Well, so long as you enjoy this journey so far...


Clem Modèle 

Clem Modèle 

A big thank you to Image Contact, Clem Modèle, Clara, Damien Poudret and the other photographers who provided advice. 


  1. I particulary love the last one...


    1. Un grand merci à toi Pierre. J'ai eu plaisir à prendre ces photos et travailler avec ces modèles. Un moment à renouveler.

      A bientôt.


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