Tuesday, February 26, 2013

La caresse des petites balades

Que se cache-t-il derrière le grillage? 

(What is hiding behind this wire fence?)

De la douceur


Une caresse


(A caress)

Je vous souhaite une douce semaine.

Have a lovely week.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Au carré / Squared

La première fois que j'ai découvert le sujet de la semaine du projet 52 organisé par Véro, je n'avais pas du tout pensé à la formule mathématique, mais simplement au format "carré" souvent utilisé en photographie

C'est en me baladant avec ma petite famille au parc de la Tête d'Or de Lyon que j'ai découvert ceci. Un joli 6 en pierre sombre....que j'ai mis au carré lors du cadrage de ma photo. Ma formule, la voici:

6 au carré

6 squared

When I discovered Véro's challenge of the week, the maths formula "Square" never came to mind. I immediately thought of the square format, often used in photography. 

It's only during a family walk at the Tête d'Or park in Lyon that an idea came. I saw this nice twirly 6 made out of a dark stone and during the formatting of the photo, I squared it. Now, I have my formula: 6 squared!

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Thank you Véro for the Challenges!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winter frustrations

Imagine....it's snowing and it's getting heavier. 

All you want to do is grab your coat, scarf, gloves, warm boots and go out to play in the fresh white powder. 

But you can't, because you are ill and comfort is your best friend until you get better. You know that if you brave yourself outside, your headache will come back in no time. 

This is what I call winter frustrations....and this is what it looks like...



Hopefully you would have escaped the winter bugs. But if you are taken ill, look after yourself and keep warm.

Following Chrys's suggestion, I have lightened up the photos. This is the result and I think I prefer it.



Thanks Chrys for the suggestion!

If you don't know Chrys and want to visit her blog, I would strongly recommend you click here...

Bye for now. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Pour jouer au jeu de Véro (Projet 52), nous avons décidé de faire une partie de Connect 4 un peu insolite. 

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Bon week-end à tous. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The emerging dark swan

When you come across a swan, it's amazing to realise how white these animals are. They look so pure and yet I hear they can be quite aggressive, if you are not careful. 

Since I am having a bit of fun taking photos of reflections at the moment (had you noticed?), I am furthering the concept by putting the photo up-side down to give it a different dimension. 

This way, you will notice that the swan no longer seems so pure, as if its dark side emerges...



My reflection in its purest form for "Weekend reflection"

Friday, February 8, 2013

Par le petit bout de la lorgnette

Comment illustrer l'expression "Par le petit bout de la lorgnette"?

Pour tenter de répondre au challenge lancé par Véroj'ai de suite pensé à cette expression dans le sens "d'avoir un esprit étroit". Je voulais prendre un tunnel ou manipuler une photo en la déformant. Préférant l'idée du tunnel, j'avais un petit problème....Où trouver cet endroit près de chez moi? Il n'y en a pas ! Ou s'il y en a, je ne le connais pas encore. 

Je me suis souvenue que j'avais pris quelques photos d'un vieux pont en brique, lors de mon petit voyage en GB pendant les fêtes. 



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Imagination and interpretation

These two photos were taken at very different times and places. They actually have nothing in common in terms of technique, style or emotions even...

Except that I can leave them both to your imagination and own interpretation...



The pub experience at the Whittington

The pub experience. The pub culture. 

To me, the "Public House" offers a whole experience with its warm atmosphere, the socialising and the feeling of comfort. You often get a sense of history when visiting pubs. 

Despite their recent decline in the UK, many pubs in Great Britain, Ireland and other parts of the world are still around, keeping the culture alive and us happy. 

Through some photos, I am inviting you to experience The Whittington in Staffordshire, England, which I had the chance to visit over the Christmas period. As I stood outside the building, I felt a real sense of history. Indeed, it was built in 1310 and as I walked inside it was clear that the proprietors had ensured the history was kept alive in the establishment, with its low and dark wooden beams and original tilings throughout. A great atmosphere. 
A great country pub. 

The first photo series is meant to dramatise the Ye Olde feel of the place. The second one simply shows today's atmosphere. As a little photo experiment, I would be interested to know which series works best for you (if any).




The colour series




Are you interested in the history of Pubs? Check this websiteAnd if you have some pub stories to share, please go ahead...

Have a jolly good week!