Saturday, July 7, 2012

Local horse power

I am not a fan of riding a horse, as my first and only experience was a disaster. However, when the opportunity to shoot inside an equestrian centre occurred, I jumped at it. I thought it would provide me with new material and a new challenge of capturing movements in a busy environment. 

So, with the photographer Chrys (who organized the outing), we went along to the local horse school. It was mid-morning at the beginning of summer, so you could say the lighting was too bright and difficult to manage. I have to admit that it took me an hour to get used to the environment, the lighting conditions and it's only towards the end of the morning that I managed to capture more interesting photos.

I have 2 series with the horses, one in black and white because I am currently being more interested in it and one in colour to keep with today's expectations. 

Black and white series

Series in colour

Chrys and I really enjoyed getting used to being around the horses after a few hours and so we decided we would go back to take more photos. If you want to see Chrys' work click here. Thank you to the equestrian centre organisers, members and horses. See you soon!

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  1. Un choix judicieux pour le N&B, deux séries qui fonctionnent très bien... T'as un chouette regard!!!!!


    J'aime beaucoup la deuxième.

    La présence du personnage dans la 5: extra!

    Le cadrage avec seulement les mains dans la 6: bien vu!


    J'aime les cadrages des deux premières.
    Dommage pour le sabot de la 3ème.
    Oui, il fallait la prendre cette 6ème! Rien que pour les couleurs et les lignes.



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