Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No need to feel blue

Embracing the natural blue colours that fill our life. Blue brings content and relaxes. No need to feel blue.

The amazing calm sea of Bjärred. Fancy a proper swim? Walk for 100 meters into the water first, as this sea is very shallow. At the end of the pier, a restaurant with sea diving facilities awaits for you.

Old traditional Swedish house by the port of Kåseberga. Near Ales Stenar (standing stones site, similar to Stonehenge in the UK and Carnac in France)

Brittany with a blue sky and a teal sea. Lovely village of Doëlan.

Tronoën beach in Finistère, Brittany, is at the same time a paradise to surfers, bodyboarders, and can also be a danger to swimmers. Beautiful long sandy stretch attracting many tourists and professional extreme water sportsmen. The current is fierce and can drag you down in no time. 

This place is unique. This famous port comprises of many wooden houses / old warehouses built on huge rocks. Smögen, situated north of Gothenburg, is popular among sailors and coast lovers hanging out during the summer. Restaurants offer a selection of fresh shrimps and other seashells.

Copenhagen in winter, under a thin layer of snow. The old port.

Rapeseed oil fields outside of Lund under a blue sky

Close to Kronborg castle in Helsingor, Denmark, fishermen find a good spot and enjoy the views of Helsingborg, Sweden. 

Falsterbo beach with varied colours & blues. The beach houses seem unstable on the sandy dunes of this very windy region.


  1. Tu nous proposes de bien belles images Awena. J'aime particulièrement la dernière (peut-être manque-t-il un peu de ciel??? Je ne sais pas).

    1. Chrys, Oui, je pense qu'un peu plus de ciel (et moins de sable) donnerait mieux. Merci pour tes commentaires. Ciao.

  2. Beautiful pictures Awena! Some look very familiar :) I miss you xxx

    1. Thank you Vaia and Daniel for the compliment. Lovely to hear from you. Kramar to the 4 of you. XXXX

  3. Bonjour Awena!
    Me voilà enfin sur ces pages et j'en suis ravie! Mes yeux se régalent!
    Très belle série, avec un véritable coup de coeur pour la 1ère image, magnifiquement sereine.

    1. Bienvenue Caro! Et merci pour tes compliments. je suis bien heureuse de savoir que tes yeux se régalent. Cela me fait plaisir. A bientôt.


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