Friday, August 31, 2012

Swedish coastline in Black & white

I spent most of my life living close to the coastline (Brittany, England South coast, Skåne in Sweden). I treasure it, I am grateful for it. I think this explains why I am more a fan of the sea rather than the mountain. 

During my time in Sweden, we were lucky to live close to the coast and I enjoyed capturing their coastline. In a way, because the expectancy of a photo of a water point is in colour, I wanted to try it in black and white. So this is my first series of the coast in black& white. See what you think. 

Enjoy the end of the summer break!


  1. Je dirais que ma préférée est la 3ème peut-être parce que c'est celle qui a le plus de contraste entre les bateaux cygnes et la ligne des arbres, au fond.

  2. the image of the little girl with the boy off in the distance, is magical. it's both timeless and intriguing. all of these captures are wonderful in black and white.

  3. Je trouve que le ciel moutonneux de ta dernière photo rend particulièrement bien en n&b.

  4. These are great photos and they just seem so perfect in Black and White. Have a great week, Diane


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