Thursday, August 9, 2012

Light and lightning exercise...a bit like fishing

Just to practice taking photos by night and using my camera setting, I took the opportunity of a bad storm to take photos. Loud thunder and bright lightning were part of the live show a few nights ago. I enjoyed it and was pleased to have reached my objectives (it does not take too much to please me). All I wanted to do was to capture the lightning. 

After spending a little while through the storm (my camera and I were fully protected against the rain and wind), I realised that this experience is quite close to fishing. You have to be patient, pay full attention and react at the right instant to obtain something decent. 

More to the point, you have to rely on other people to make you a nice cup of tea, as you cannot let your eyes looking away from the sky for a second (quite an addictive exercise, it turned out to be, actually).

This is the result of a few vicious storm elements that I captured in my little black box. The colours are what they turned out to be (no change in post-editing). 

A first experience, a little trial, see what you think. 

Oh, I am not a storm catcher, by the way. This is just an experiment. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Ola. It was a first experience. And a fun one.

  2. *** Coucou Chère Awena !!!! :o)

    Je trouve tes photos sublimes !!!! Ces éclairs qui semblent fendre le ciel en deux c'est beau !!!! et les couleurs sont belles !!!

    MERCI à toi pour ce partage via ton blog et GROS BISOUS de Thaïlande !!!! :o) ***


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