Friday, August 3, 2012

Animal life

I had the opportunity to travel to Cape Town to discover its wonders in a few

days. I saw beautiful landscape, met lovely people and also got the chance to

see the animals around the area. Let me introduce you to those that literally

crossed my path during this amazing trip in South Africa.

Seals lazing around

Seals roughing it out

Penguins from the famous Boulder's beach. 

Protected area.
Apparently there weren't that many penguins on the beach that day!

The story goes that a bunch of people found this beautiful beach and decided to build their property close to it, thinking they would have their private beach... Until the penguins arrived by hundreds and never left. Now the penguins are so numerous, that the inhabitants nearby can't even go to the beach. It's now protected....for the penguins.

2 lonely penguins

Baboon mummy with her young baby willing to stop passing cars for food

A family of baboons in the national park

A baboon's life

Rock rabbits on a promenade off the cliffs of Cape of Good Hope

A posing rock rabbit 
(actually they do not look like rabbits and have no tails)

A fierce big bird...(no need for introduction)

A the top of Table Mountain 
(if any of you visitors know the name of the bird, please drop me a message, that would be nice. Thanks)


  1. Une très belle ballade...
    Merci !


    1. Merci d'avoir visité mon blog et merci pour ton commentaire. Ça fait plaisir.

  2. Thanks to Diane ST, I now know that the bird I saw is a Redwinged Starling (Onchognathus morio). Thanks Diane for your visit and the information!

  3. Réponse à ta question ...
    Ton oiseau est le Rufipenne morio
    Des bises et j'adore ton blog !

    1. Merci pour ta réponse et pour ce beau compliment. Je suis flattée.


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