Thursday, July 19, 2012

How do you like my goatee?

Children love to visit farms. They love playing with animals and feeding them. One early evening, young kids and I went round a local goat farm that produces goat cheese. They have about 60 goats and every evening, they milk them. The animals enjoy that special moment, not because they like to give their milk away, but because it means it's feeding time for them and also the milking process relieves them. 

This family run farm promotes their cheese production by allowing families to see the goat milking process. At the same time, the children enjoy a cuddle with the small animals (oh, there are rabbits too). So when I visited them, I asked if I could take photos of their farm. As they are very kind people, they said yes!  I am happy to present 2 series of goats literally running this family business. One in black and white and another in colour.

For me, this experience meant further practice of trying to shoot fast and living creatures (after regularly taking pics of children and more recently horses). It's a challenge and I try to get better at it. 

Black and white series

The Milking process

A skeptical goatie

A friendly looking family

Colour series

The curious one

The dangerous touch

Feeding time

More milk please

The escape planner

The lost soul

The guarding type

The resembling type

The peace and quiet time

Of course, we sampled some cheese later on. It was a nice exchange and the biggest challenge of all was to try and get away from the farm, as the children could have easily stayed there all night, watching the goats, cuddling the rabbits and stroking the dogs. This was the result of a nice evening in a friendly and goat cheesy environment.  

Un grand merci aux propriétaires de la chèvrerie !

A big thank you to the goat farm owners and to the goatee models. 

I am dedicating this series to a close friend who loves a special French song about goatees. 

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  1. Dans ta série N&B, c'est bel et bien la 1ère que je trouve meilleure. Toutes ces fesses en enfilade!!! Héhé... Bref, le côté symétrique lui va parfaitement.

    Dans ta série couleur: la 5ème et avant-dernière sont mes préférées. La 5ème est vraiment TOP avec juste la tête qui sort et la place faite à la pelle. Une belle réussite. Quant à l'avant-dernière j'aime le dynamisme apporté par l'inclinaison des têtes et de la barrière.


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