Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Music. I am.

Music. I realise that I am a music produce. My parents met at a music association event, where they both played traditional Breton music. Music was always played at home (Irish folk, Breton Trad, British & American 60’s & 70's stuff). During the holidays I was dragged to music shows and festivals. I particularly liked colourful shows with dancers responding to the rhythm of world music. 

Today, my whole family is still involved with music.

They feel they have a mission. They discover, they listen, they learn, they play, they record and they share their passion. The following images tell the story of a guitar player who recently decided to try to learn the violin. It’s a tough instrument to grasp. He’s really into it. Can you sense it? 

The individual

The setting

The instrument

The warm up

The passion

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