Sunday, May 6, 2012



You typically see frozen lakes in the very North of Europe, Russia, Canada, North of the USA...
In the south of Sweden, where I lived for 3 years, I got used to frozen lakes and appreciated how they integrate the ice in their winter activities and way of life. I saw people regularly ice-skate on lakes, do ice-fishing and other sport & activities. I even saw people walking on the ice with their pram and baby, and others enjoying "Fika" on the edge of the icy lake...

But in the south east of France, a lake freezes fully once every 15 years! So when the lake close to Lyon froze, as if Mr Freeze had just paid a visit, it quickly became an event for the local community. Every summer, this lake is the region's local beach. Hard to imagine for them that their beach got completely and utterly frozen. But it did. 

On the photos below, I focused on the "ice" and hardened its image to make it look cold. It's a trial.

Hard reflection

A dog missing his swim

Stone on top of ice

The look of ice

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