Friday, April 13, 2012

High Tranquility

Most people have a preference between the mountain and the sea. Personally, I prefer the sea. However, now that the sea is not so close to me, the mountains are giving me the opportunity to understand its spirit. So what is the mountain spirit? We each have our own interpretation of what it has to offer, the experiences, the culture, the architecture, the danger. Pretty safe to say that they offer gobsmacked views... and difficult ones to capture on camera. 

I was fortunate enough to stay in a non-touristic village in the Alps and to grasp the atmosphere of living high up there. This series, taken in Longefoy, illustrates the peaceful way to appreciate the mountain spirit. Forget speedy skiers, the adventurous mountain trekking, or the real danger hanging above your head all the time. This is Taking it easy, Relaxing Mode, Appreciation of nature. Enjoy high tranquility.

Longefoy, La Plagne, French Alps. 

Special thanks to Rebecca and Nick for the opportunity.

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