Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reflection and aspiration

Only now I am taking the time to reflect on the photo experiences I enjoyed the most last year. 

Joining Image Contact (association of amateur photographers) was definitely key to my progress and motivation. It widened my perspective, enabled me to further myself in terms of subject, made me understand more about techniques and about photography in general. It also brought me laughter, friendship and sense of comfort and achievement. So in my eyes, it was a good move. 

This blog also helped me to widen my horizon and gave me a new way to share my views, literally. This new trendy way to communicate with other photo passionates allows other perspectives to be considered and appreciated. To my surprise, I discovered that blogging is also a means of building companionship and long term followers or friends. The feedback I obtained and the discoveries I made on your blogs only motivated me to carry on this trend, maintain this online friendship and take better photos. So thank you for your support and for sharing your world with me! 

The experiences I wish to renew for the years to come, in terms of photo, include portraits and management of artificial lighting, such as the photo below taken during a studio session. On this link you can discover my first attempt (!). 


I have this urge to include people in my photos and want fun setting up the scenes, just as I experienced taking photo 2 (see the post here). Don't get me wrong, I am expecting it to be challenging but enjoyable too! 


As traveling is the activity that took me to photography, I shall continue to enjoy sharing photos of the world, new discoveries, glimpse of cultural differences and similarities. You can see here a series about my trip to South Africa last year which was the highlight of my 2012 travels. 


Thanks to the bloggers that organise photo challenges, I discovered another way to keep my mind open to new techniques, subjects and experiences. I timidly joined Donlope's challenge towards the end of the year and shall do my utmost to participate at some of Véro's Project 52


Let's just hope that whatever turns out, you'll enjoy and keep visiting. Thank you and see you soon.


  1. De bien belles photos !!
    Bizzz Lolo

    1. Merci Lolo pour ce commentaire. Cela me fait plaisir.

      A bientôt.

  2. Great photos. Lovely compositions!

    1. Hi Hans,

      Many thanks for your comments. They are very motivating.

  3. ✿ ❊ ✿ ❊ ✿ ❊ ✿
    Bonjour Chère Awena !!!

    J'aime beaucoup les deux portraits que tu as fait.
    Tu as une sensibilité qui se lit à travers ton objectif.
    J'aime beaucoup aussi le paysage en Afrique du sud. C'est SUBLIME !

    merci pour ce beau paratge
    je t'envoie des BISOUS
    et je te souhaite une bonne continuation
    ✿ ❊ ✿ ❊ ✿ ❊ ✿

    1. Nancy,

      Merci à toi pour cet encouragement et ce compliment. Je suis flattée et j'ai hâte de continuer...
      A bientôt. Bises.

  4. De bien jolies photos qui m'ont fait découvrir ton très beau post sur l'Afrique du sud!

  5. He te souhaite une nouvelle année riche en photos alors ! Au plaisir de te retrouver dans le projet 52 :)

  6. Très joli portrait. J'aime aussi les amitiés de blog à défaut de trouver un autre mot, certaines personnes que je n'ai jamais rencontrées mais qui sont là souvent, et avec qui les liens sont curieusement forts.
    Merci pour tout et à bientôt, virtuellement du moins.


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