Monday, January 28, 2013

Image Contact Photo Exhibition

Image Contact's photo exhibition is now well and truely over. But there's no place for sadness, as there will be plenty more to come.

It was a big event for the association, as it represented the work of no less than 20 photographers with their varied styles, subjects and techniques. 

The exhibition was about:

100 photos 
25th anniversary of the association
20 photographers
3 articles in the local press
1 opening with many visitors (thank you!)

One of the articles - La Voix de l'Ain

For my part, I was very proud of this event and very much enjoyed the whole process from the start of the organisation to the promotion & the evening opening. What a buzz it was. 

As there was limited space to share between 20 photographers, we accepted that we would only be able to present around 6 photos each. Maybe I should have stuck with 4 photos with the same theme, but in the end I decided to show 3 mini series of 2. 

The first series is "Black & white Trees":



The second series is "The Swedish sea":



The third series is "Colour reflections":



Through the links, you can discover the association and the photos that were put on show.

The success of this local event was due to everyone pulling their weight and getting stuck in with the project. Also, the local merchants and organisations were very kind to agree to put up our posters (and they did!). Thank you to everyone.

To the next exhibition!


  1. Nous confirmons : très belle expo !
    Encore félicitations à tous et à toi Awena , tu as un réel talent !


  2. Merci pour ces merveilleuses photos !!!
    Bizzz lolo

  3. Cela a du etre une superbe expérience! En tout cas tu avais de superbe images exposées. J'ai d'ailleurs deux coups de coeur: la 2 et la 3. J'aime la délicatesse le la première et la force de la seconde. Bravo!

  4. Bravo pour ta participation à cet événement. Il n'est jamais facile de faire un choix parmi ses photos, ton idée de mettre en regard tes images deux par deux est intéressante. J'aime tout particulièrement la 1ere série en n&b ainsi que la photo n°6 qui est pour moi un vrai coup de coeur.

  5. Congrats. These are beautiful!

  6. this is a wonderful collection of images! my favorite would probably be #2. the tree and shed framing all those birds. good b/w choice! glad you enjoyed the experience of an exhibit!

  7. Superbes tes photos !
    J'aime vraiment beaucoup la deuxième mini-série !!

    C'est chouette de faire partie d'une association comme ça !


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