Monday, November 26, 2012

Roberto the board magician

On the long stretch of white sand, as I was admiring the sea, listening to the waves and feeling the strong and invading wind coming from the Atlantic ocean, a black silhouette walked towards me.

After a little conversation and a realisation of the interest in approaching me, I asked for a demonstration and decided to take my camera out. He was keen to show me his tricks.

Clearly this man understood the strength of the natural elements present on the beach. As it happened, the wind worked in his favour when his show started. He was pleased, the magic had caught my eye.

Please let me introduce you to Roberto the board magician. 





In case you are wondering, it's all real and he's not letting the board falling on the ground. This is a true magic show with his board and the powerful wind of that particular day. 

Have a powerful and magical week!


  1. *** Bonjour Chère Awena ! :o)

    Je suis ravie de découvrir sur ton joli blog Roberto "the board magician" !!!!!! :o)

    Tes photos nous font vivre cette magie !!!!
    J'aime beaucoup ! MERCI !

    BISES et bon début de semaine !!!!! ***

  2. Très jolis clichés :-)
    Bizzz Lolo

  3. Très chouette
    C'est comme mon pays d'origine(Californie du sud). ;-)

  4. Très joli tons, et quel talente ce magicien ;o)

  5. wonderfully captured, awena! he's pretty tricky! but i can't help but think that this magician has a little too much time on this hands! ;)

  6. ❀✽.¸¸.•*`*
    Bonjour à toi Awena
    Je viens te souhaiter une belle journée !
    Je t'envoie plein de bises de Thaïlande !
    Bonne fin de semaine !!!!!

  7. Entre l'artiste et le magicien, je ne sais lequel des 2 a le plus de talent ... :-)))

    1. Merci Rozenn pour ta visite ! Bises à toi et à bientôt.


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