Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The butterfly enchanter

I am lucky to have somebody with natural talent in my household. Indeed, my young girl, aged 6, has a special power, it seems. She is a butterfly enchanter. 

During the summer, we went for a stroll along a countryside path...and as we walked, she spotted a light, little butterfly that was flying along the same path as us. So far, nothing special...until the butterfly was attracted by my girl. 

And so it came....the insect softly landed on my daughter's hand. She was careful not to move as she loves animals and was gobsmacked by her surprise visitor. Happy, she gently carried on walking to realise that the little creature kept on flying off to come back on her hand and then her shoulders. As if she had enchanted the butterfly. Just like magic. 




The whole thing lasted 20 minutes, to our surprise. It was a special moment, mainly for my girl who will forever remember that one day she was the friend of a beautiful butterfly. A butterfly enchanter for a moment. 


  1. I would be over the moon if this happened to me, she is so lucky. Great photos. Take care Diane

  2. *** Bonjour Chère Awena !!!

    Que ce papillon est beau !!!!
    J'aime pouvoir l'observer à travers tes belles macros !
    MERCI pour ce partage !

    Je te souhaite une belle semaine !
    de GROS BISOUS s'envolent de Thaïlande jusqu'à chez toi ! :o) ***

  3. the Butterfly Whisperer! Great shots!


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