Sunday, September 30, 2012

As if old memories

Perspective on time. "How long ago was this taken?", I'll most certainly ask myself one day... Sometimes, certain events seem like a long time ago. When others seem like it was just yesterday...when it wasn't. 

Time. A tricky one. Or is it my memory playing up or simply today's photo effects? 

The following photos were taken in Sweden (yes, again, I know, but I took many photos there, as the country is just so beautiful and oozes serenity). 

Each photo is taken in a different location. The element that links them up is the fact that the setting just looks, to me, as if it could have been 50 years ago or more. In my mind, you could lose sense of time, here.   


Close to Kivik (pronounced "shivik"), by the Baltic sea.


 A garden shop in the centre of Lund.


 Fishermen by the South coast.

To old memories!


  1. These photos are beautiful. I love the slight sepia effect. Well done. Have a good week Diane

    1. Thank you very much for your encouragement, Diane. Have a good week too.

  2. *** Coucou et merci Chère Awena pour ces belles photos :o) !!!!
    En regardant ces photos, comme tu dis si justement, on ne peut pas savoir vraiment à quelle époque elles ont été prises ... je les aime toutes les trois ... SUPERBES !!!! Et si j'ose : une préférence pour la dernière ... je verrai bien cette photo agrandie et encadrée ... j'ADORE !!!!! :o)

    GROSSES BISES ensoleillées de Bangkok :o) !
    et bon début de semaine à toi Chère Awena ! :o) ***

    1. P.S. Voilà, je me suis abonnée à ton blog parce que finalement j'en perdais souvent la trace ... je ne te perdrai plus à l'avenir ! :o) :o) :o) biz :o)

    2. Bonjour Nancy et merci de vouloir suivre mes petits épisodes. J'en suis ravie. Merci pour tes compliments, cela fait chaud au coeur.

      Bon lundi à toi et à bientôt sur nos blogs !

  3. Love all your photos but especially that fisherman. Answering your question about the vibrancy in my photos ... I have my camera set to 'vivid' which gives them a bit of enhancement. From there, I sometimes use a Topaz program to give a bit of painterly look like some of the photos in my blog. Hope that helps. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Reena,

      I am pleased that my photos appeal to you. Many thanks for getting back to me about your technique for obtaining such vivid and amazing photos.

      Thank you.

  4. *** Un petit bonjour à toi en ce jeudi matin Chère Awena :o) ... que les jours passent vite ! C'est fou ... on ne voit pas passer les semaines !
    GROS BISOUS et belle journée à toi !!! ***


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