Thursday, December 6, 2012

Silently frozen

(For Project 52 - "le silence" - Un Monde En Photos by Donlope)

I previously showed a black and white photo of a frozen sea, taken in the South of Sweden. 

For me, a long stretch of the sea freezing to a rock solid material is a surreal concept. Maybe that's why I keep going on about it. But please let me share a few more photos of this frozen sea. And before you look at the photos, just try to imagine the following...

It's summer. Everyone is making the most of the beautiful and warm weather. Everyone is enjoying the beach, playing with the white sand and splashing about in the sea. The water is very shallow and its temperature really warm. 

Can you hear silence? .... I can't. Everyone is enjoying themselves too much. 

It's winter. The temperatures have dropped down to about -10 degrees C. The beach is deserted, except for the few walkers daring to come out in the freezing cold. You can't see the limit between the sand and the sea. It has all frozen over and snowed on top, leaving a very soft white layer. 

Can you hear silence? 

Silently frozen

As you look closely you realise the roughness of the texture. 

Rough icy texture

Will you dare walk on the ice, breaking the silence?

Walking on the ice

Have a nice week-end, not too icy, I hope. 

For information, these photos are taken from Bjärred's Beach in Sweden. Just opposite Copenhagen (which you can guess if you look close enough).


  1. ★ ☺ ★ ☺ ★
    Bonjour Chère Awena ☺

    Merci pour ces trois magnifiques photos qui donneraient envie d'aller marcher sur la glace !
    J'aime beaucoup la lumière de la deuxième.

    Je te souhaite une bonne et agréable fin de semaine !!! :o)

    ★ ☺ ★ ☺ ★

  2. Et bien awena tu as vraiment de l'avance cette semaine. Bravo car e thème n'est pas évident. Ta 1ère photo l'illustre parfaitement.

  3. Superbes paysages :-)
    Bizzz Laure

  4. beaux horizons !suivre les traces pour atteindre le ciel ou le nirvana ?
    gros bisous


  5. C'est clair qu'on entend le silence en voyant tes photos ! Très impressionnant cette étendue gelée, un peu magique.
    Très belle illustration du thème.
    Bonne soirée

    ps : je t'ai répondu sous ton commentaire par rapport à tes questionnements. ;-)

  6. ✽.¸¸.•*`❀✽.¸¸.•✽
    Je viens te souhaiter un agréable dimanche Chère Awena
    BISES ensoleillées de Thaïlande !!!

  7. C'est une atmosphère paisible, et en effet, silencieuse !


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