Friday, March 2, 2012

Neuville exhibition - "Lumière" - My first exhibition!

In December 2011, I joined the photo association "Image Contact" where Amateur photographers meet once a month to discuss projects, photo techniques and latest exhibitions in the region. They organise outings to practice photography through varied photo-shoots (indoor/outdoor, day light/night time) and also provide photo software training. It's a way for the  photographers to improve on their styles and techniques, and to discover what they are made of. Each session is an opportunity to present our recent photos to each other and it allows constructive criticism to take place. 

When I joined, they were preparing an exhibition that occurs every year in Neuville (North of Lyon). The theme was "Light" and the event targets children, enabling them to explore a particular concept. The exhibition was also open to general public during a weekend. Image Contact is faithful to this event and so each photographer chose 4 or 5 photos each representing Light. Below is my selection : Bjärred (Swedish beach), Vallåsen (Swedish ski resort) and Lyon by night (Painted building). Thank you to Lyon photographer, Damien Poudret, who kindly retouched the 3 photos below. 

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