Monday, September 30, 2013

White silhouettes

Who were you and how did you manage to escape the paint, or did you escape the paint??? 

These questions came to my mind when I saw these white silhouettes on the wall surrounded by different paint colours. Was it a project? Or pure fun? What was the objective? Why all these different poses? 

It's all a bit intriguing, so I took some photos from an angle to try and make these silhouettes more alive. 





If you are aware of this project or have ever been involved in such thing, please enlighten me! 

Have a fun week. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sun, Sun, Sunflowers

As I went for a walk in the centre of France, in Auvergne, I stopped when I saw these rather low looking sunflowers. The whole field was full of saddened yellow flowers, losing faith in the sun.

Except for a few cheered up ones, looking proud and knowing their days were not over yet.




Have a sunny week!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Metallic curves

During one of the summer outings among photographers, metallic and stringy curves stood still, right above our meeting point. I looked up, gained some height and twisted my camera to obtain a more curvy effect.

As I developed the photos, I first opted for a strong contrasted black and white look, emphasizing on the lines.



As colour also appeals to me, I chose another 2 photos to emphasize on the blue that surrounded the metallic curves. 



Hopefully the blue sky will stay with us for a while!

To find out what the other photographers were up to during our outing, check their sites: Véronique, Isa and Chrys.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Comment représenter le Contact? 

La peinture "La Création d'Adam" de Michel Ange m'est de suite venue à l'esprit.

J'ai fait appel à mes deux petites modèles pour réaliser la photo....à plusieurs reprises. Il a aussi fallu que je justifie pourquoi la première fois n'était pas bonne et pourquoi je demandais leur aide de nouveau. "C'est comme à l'école, des fois on rate un peu et il faut recommencer pour y arriver !" 

Très attentives à mes demandes précises ("mets ta main plus vers le bas....Non non vers le haut maintenant !"), nous nous sommes contentées de la photo ci-dessous pour représenter la peinture et ne pas faire trop mal aux bras de mes modèles. Merci à elles pour leur soutien et leur patience ! 

Voici ma représentation du Contact (largement inspirée par le contact entre Adam et Dieu de "La Creation d'Adam" de Michel Ange) 

Après avoir choisi la photo, lui donner un aspect de peinture ancienne n'était pas si évident avec Lightroom. Si vous avez des idées pour améliorer la photo, je suis preneuse. 

Et pour voir les interprétations des autres photographes, mettez vous en contact virtuel sur le blog de Véro


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The modern side

Along with fellow photographers, Isa, Chrys, Véronique et Julien, from the association Image Contact, we aimed to walk around an outdoor shopping centre on a Sunday morning. Visibly armed with our black boxes, our arrival was not so welcome by the security, so we decided to head towards the back of the shopping area where modern and old architecture meets.

This is the modern side. And a shiny one, too. But then, it was really sunny and we all enjoyed walking around, warmed up by the sun, taking glimpse of the area and capturing bits of the architecture.





Here, the young trees are a sign of the recent build.



Take a look at fellow photographers' photos and art: Isa, Chrys, Véronique et Julien.

To the next photo outing!