Monday, October 8, 2012

The Viking era

You probably know by now that I moved to the south of Sweden, in Skåne, and lived in Lund for 3 years. 

Not knowing a great deal about the Swedish culture and even less about the traditions before our move, I was eager to discover and experience it, the minute we set foot on their land. 

The idea was to have a feel for their way of life and habits. As this would help us integrating our family into their community. 

The first opportunity we had was to go deep into their roots, learn about an important part of the Swedish history. The viking era! 

So, as most tourists, visiting a viking museum became our first insight into the Swedish culture and history.

Fotevikens museum, Viking reserve close to Falsterbo

The Fotevikens museum quickly became the main attraction for our visitors from France and the UK. 

Door locking system

It is a well-kept site that organises festivals and events mainly during the warm weather. However, you can still enjoy a stroll through the open museum in winter times. 

We also learnt an important concept about the Swedish culture that seems to be still integrated today in the way they conceive ideas and exchange with one another.  

I shall try to explain it, without ruining the tell of old Swedish traditions, so if there are any Swedish readers, please feel free to correct me on this matter by leaving a message (tack så mycket). You have to imagine the following...

Inside a Viking's house - Community room

Indeed, the word "Lagom" is an important piece of the puzzle. It means "Not too little and not too much". Apparently it comes from the Viking times. 

When they sat around the fire after a tough day in the cold, they used to enjoy a little drink, and shared ONE horn full of some kind of beverage. It was important that, as they passed the horn round, they would each drink "not too little and not too much" in order for everyone to have some. 

Inside a Viking's house - Community room (the other side)
The idea is that they each have some. It does not have to be equal amount, but some. And this concept is found in today's life such as in business and education.

Community gardens

This museum is just by the sea and during our first visit, we noticed that the sea was frozen. A first for me. It was december, but still. An amazing concept to me. 

Every time we visited Fotevikens Museum, we thoroughly enjoyed it, so if you happen to be around that area and you wish to understand the background of the Swedish people and their culture, don't miss it! 


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  2. sounds like wonderful traditions and beliefs. you've done a beautiful job of capturing them.

    1. Hi,

      Yes, the Swedes have a good quality of life.

      Thank you very much for your kind message! (by the way, I hope you don't mind me asking : I can longer see how to leave messages on your blog, is that a recent change in the setting?)

      Have a good week.

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  4. *** Coucou Chère Awena !!! :o)
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  5. *** Je viens te saluer Chère Awena :o) ! j'en profite pour t'envoyer de gentilles pensées amicales de Thaïlande ! :o) BISES !!! :o) ***

  6. Une belle visite...
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  7. I would love to see Sweden, in fact all the countries in that area are a mystery to me. Thanks for this post to give me some idea of what it is like there especially in the olden days. As for the sea being frozen I am stunned!! have a wonderful day and take care Diane.

  8. If you have the opportunity to visit Sweden, I would recommend it. Their winters are long, but their summers are really nice with warm temperatures in June and July, mainly.

    Bye for now.


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