Saturday, June 29, 2013

C'est l'été

Et en Bretagne, quand c'est l'été, on se baigne même si les nuages apparaissent et le temps se gâte. 




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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scrabble game

How do you play scrabble? 

After you find yourself comfortable on the floor, lounging on a cushion, with the scrabble board set up and the letters distributed, how do you like to play scrabble? 


Do you always wish you had other letters to make up your genius word that would have given you lots of points....but sadly you don't have those letters? 


Do you keep looking for the longest word until your co-players start moaning that it's definitely time to play now and put down whatever comes first, even a 2 letter word!


Or do you like to play quickly because you are too eager to find out which new letters you'll pick up next from the bag?

We have all got our own little ways with scrabble and these two players definitely made up their own rules. In the end, they enjoyed playing with the letters and just had fun pretending to be grown ups. 

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